Wednesday 8 May 2024

Five new Write With Me sessions starting this Friday

 Forty-five minutes of shared, silent writing time on Zoom. Check them out at

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Edward Chaney said...

Dear Jen (if I may)
I just read Charlotte Runcie’s review of your wondrous-sounding Storm Pegs and couldn’t help wondering whether you knew of my ancient mariner-like chum G.B. Edwards, author of the similarly wondrous Book of Ebenezer le Page. He adored the idea of Shetland and tried to retire there but left it too late (in more ways than one) so returned to Dorset where he died in 1976. He wrote interestingly about it, good and bad, in letters that I quote from in my biography, Genius Friend, a copy of which I’m sure my publisher, Blue Ormer would let you have cheap (or free if you’d like to write about it. 😊
All best to you in what he called Ultima Thule... Edward
Sent pic with this but email rejected so copied and pasted here.