Friday, 26 September 2014

Reading at Aye Write! next week

with Don Paterson, Sam Willetts and McGuire.

Mitchell Library, Wed 1st October

6-7, free.

book on 0141 287 2951 or

Tuesday, 23 September 2014


With bees

it's all about heat.

Hard to find ourselves

in a damp autumn dawn

now that the circus

has moved on

the worst- 

off cramponned

to a vertiginous

leaf, wings 
to a silver panel

to sop up
what thin warmth

they can 



on empty.

We can barely buzz

but do

what we can
without your teaspoon

of sugar-water –

slowly rocking

our grounded weight

(so mite-laden

we look like strawberries)

from limb to limb,

grieving, really,

the slippage

of the sun. 

Which is in

itself to recollect 

our business which is

to be us to agitate

each stiff joint,

gather a quorum and 

shiver together hum

fiercer and groom 

our leavening pelts

as the late rays stoke us,

no surplus

perhaps but enough

to get up and among

the dog-roses