Sunday, 17 February 2013

Visitors' Book from 'The Dominant Species'

'reminds me of many days spent at the 'banx' heem in Whalsay as a peerie lass. Brings lovely calm happy memories for me'

'...Eerie, yes...'

'Magical, jelly eyes...Beautiful, munching quite noisily in the dark'

'A seance of life on the move'

''neath each water tide
new ephemeral wonders to see'

'it was like a never ending black sea with floating limpets!'

'bring me back when I was a bairn at the Sletts'

'Something I was not expecting on my walk home. Pleasingly different'

'it was brally good mate'

'silent but loud'

'very soothing experience'

'beautiful and hypnotic'

'One of them definitely moved. DEFINITELY'

'I'm sure they were whispering'

'Like fairies' villages – gentle lights and peace. Same kind of feeling as a stone circle.'

'Like a face with a pimple - great light and a bit creapy cause they might be alive'

'terveiset suomesta. upeita simpukoita, aivan kuin ne ryomisivat kohti – Greetings from Finland. stunning sea shells, as they scrape towards'

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