Monday, 29 April 2013

Jane Outram

Got to share these stunning new knitting patterns from Jane Outram: now up at Ravelry. I met Jane when she was working at the Old Scatness dig in Dunrossness, Shetland. In between guiding visitors around the broch and replica roundhouses, she'd be sitting on the floor in Pictish garb, creating woven textiles from her own designs. Scatness has been closed, to my dismay, but at least Jane's creativity has found a new outlet in her Eder Yoke and Haily-Puckles Shawl

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Lynette said...

Oh Yes Ravelry is brilliant - as you were last week at Lumb Bank! Great tutoring, many thanks. And if you email me your address then I'll send you a map bowl (once I've made some more) -