Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Limpet Fever

Here's the new generation of limpets. These are in unfired porcelain so they're still fragile and dusty and I have to watch out when I open the curtains each morning. I really like them at this stage: if I decide I don't like the shape of this one or that (I'm aspiring for a very particular shape: not too scalene, not too equilaterial, not too pointy, not too bulgy) I can crush them into a tupperware tub of water and melt them down to wet clay again. A sort of life cycle. At some point I'll bite the bullet and fire them.

Limpet fever. At least I'm not the only one...

Long Live the Limpet

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Stephanie Green said...

Did you eat one of Neil, Skipper of the Good Shepherd's roasted limpets at the Puffin Club ceildhe on Fair Isle? I wonder if this was the inspiration?All best, Stephanie