Sunday, 15 November 2015

This is what is in the ocean 15/11/15

Tonnes of bladderwrack washed up onto my local beach after Storm Abigail, full of smithereened plastic. In 40mph winds, I struggled along to another beach to watch the waves. I found the carcass of a young swan, a seal, and an unidentified marine mammal, perhaps a porpoise. Its skin was flensed away, and the blubber beneath was a mosaic of little chips of broken plastic. It's almost impossible to get your head around how much of this stuff is out there, chugging around the gyres like a great oceanic washing machine. We've got to sort this.

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Big Bad Bob said...

It is a time bomb waiting to explode! This issue does not seem to be on the mainstream environmental agenda? Too many vested interests. Make "Albatross Necklaces" and other ornaments and trinkets to publicise the issue. We should be setting up systems to totally re-cycle all plastic - from manufacturers to re-cyclers.